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We're back (sorta)

Connectivity changes led to hosting changes which, in turn, led to data loss, combined with long hours at work, and a long dance with procrastination, followed by guilt and remorse, eventually leading to actually doing something. So, here we are. Like a Phoenix, the site is back, in some sense, from the ashes. Sorta.

But, I still have a long way to go. Lots of things aren't going to work right off the bat. Section links don't. Search doesn't. There are no related articles. Headlines should link to story titles, but don't. I want to add a blog for things that touch me, both from a life and martial arts perspective. You get the idea.

New Layout

The old website had become a cobweb. I never did like frames all that much because it meant I had to maintain two sites all at the same time, frames for those who had browsers that supported frames, and a site that operated completely without frames.

I had an idea for a new look, so talked to a good friend who does that sort of thing. She has forgotten more about graphic site design than I will ever know. But, to implement it, I still was stuck using frames.

I started a flirtation with style sheets. I liked the idea of defining a general look and feel for the site, and then just plugging in components. Enter the old explanation of teaching an old dog new tricks. But, the whole problem with frames reared its head with style sheets. Depending on the browser, the site design may work in one and not in another. And, of course, I liked the 3 column layout the best, and this was the layout that broke with most browsers.

So, the graphics design just sat on my hard drive, and I'd look into revamping the site, but life intervened, and doing a website was at the very bottom of my list. Free time was non-existant.

Luckily, the web has come a long way since I started the new site design flirtation. While style sheets are still not completely supported in a uniform fashion, but it's gotten a lot better than it was. I took some vacation from work and decided to use the "free time," jump in with both feet, damn the torpedos (and sloth) and full speed ahead.

The site is STILL under a massive bit of construction, but this is place holder for things to come, part getting a new webdesign package under my belt (Dreamweaver 8) and part just doing what I should have done a long time ago but never got around to it.

Welcome to BAWCSA 2.0

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